Arsenal Soccer Camp

The Arsenal Soccer Camp offers youngsters between 7 and 14 years old a chance to immerse themselves in the club’s training techniques. This camp provides a unique opportunity for boys and girls to receive coaching directly from Arsenal’s official coaches. The training sessions take place at the esteemed Arsenal academy situated at Hale End, allowing participants insider access to the methodologies employed by the club in nurturing their own youth talents.

At the heart of the Arsenal Soccer Camp lies an emphasis on fostering not just football talent but also character development. Beyond the on-field drills and training sessions, the camp instills values like teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline. Participants gain exposure to the club’s philosophy, mirroring the dedication and professionalism synonymous with Arsenal FC. The camp experience goes beyond honing athletic skills, aiming to mold well-rounded individuals capable of excelling both on and off the pitch.

These camps provide a glimpse into the elite training methods and facilities synonymous with Arsenal FC. Young players get the chance to train like professional athletes, utilizing cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Moreover, the camps serve as a gateway for young talents to showcase their abilities, offering a platform where potential future stars can catch the eye of talent scouts and coaches, potentially paving the way for a future within the ranks of Arsenal’s esteemed youth teams.

Arsenal UK Summer Schools Residential Camps 2023:

Arsenal Football Club hosts UK Summer Schools Residential camps across four exceptional boarding schools in the UK. These schools boast exceptional football facilities and accommodations, providing an ideal setting for boys and girls to train collectively. Participants are grouped based on their skill levels and drive, fostering an environment conducive to their development.

Among these centers, one stands out at Ardingly College, exclusively dedicated to girls. This center runs a program solely for girls aged 9 to 14, parallel to the boys’ groups available at the other locations.

The curriculum, crafted by our Football Development Program Manager and delivered by our Coaching team, aims to instill the Arsenal football philosophy while also nurturing English language skills. Emphasizing various aspects of the game, from skills, tactics, and match play to sports science, nutrition, and building self-assurance, the program offers a comprehensive approach. Each player receives an adidas Football Development shirt and a drinks bottle, with an opportunity to undergo a Skills Test at selected venues.

The Exsportise program comprises various components:

  • 15 Hours of English Tuition: This segment spans three hours per day from Monday to Friday, focusing on language acquisition and development.
  • 15 Hours of Football Training: Consisting of coaching, matches, and workshops, this segment also runs for three hours daily from Monday to Friday. It aims to enhance football skills while offering a holistic approach to the sport.
  • “Play the Arsenal Way” Instruction: Participants receive guidance in playing football in alignment with the renowned Arsenal style, integrating the club’s techniques and strategies.
  • Suitable for All Levels: The program caters to individuals of diverse skill levels, ensuring inclusivity and adaptability.
  • Specialized Skills and Drills Training: These sessions specifically target the improvement of physical agility, dribbling, turning, passing, and receiving, offering focused development in key football skills.

For additional details or to apply for Arsenal UK Summer Schools, please visit their official website.

Eligibility Requirements:

Arsenal Academy sets specific criteria for eligibility. Here’s what’s needed to join the Arsenal Football Academy:

Age Requirement: Prospective players should fall within the age range of 6 to 18 years. They must either be residents of the UK or possess the legal right to reside in the country. This criterion is vital as it ensures regular attendance at training sessions and matches, a fundamental aspect of academy participation.

Skills and Physical Fitness: The club seeks players who display dedicated commitment and a genuine love for the sport. Candidates must exhibit proficient technical skills, a solid tactical understanding, and overall fitness. Additionally, aspiring players must maintain good physical health and pass a medical evaluation before enrollment. This thorough examination ensures the safety of participants and confirms their ability to handle the academy’s demanding training regimen.

Trials At Arsenal Academy:

At the Arsenal Academy, the tryouts mark the subsequent stage in the journey towards academy enrollment. Conducted regularly, typically once or twice a year, the club selectively invites a group of players to participate in these trials. It’s a platform for players to exhibit their skills, aiming to leave a lasting impression on the academy’s coaching staff. Exceptional performances during these trials often lead to a coveted spot within the academy.


Throughout these sessions, players engage in a sequence of exercises and drills meticulously designed to assess their technical prowess, tactical acumen, and physical fitness. Additionally, coaches keenly observe for attributes beyond skill, seeking players who display a positive attitude and a sincere eagerness to learn. The club places significant value on not only talent but also the dedication to continual improvement and hard work.

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