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Realmadrid Foundation Campus Summer Camp

The summer camp at Realmadrid Foundation Campus Experience is made for Real Madrid fans at any skill level. Every summer, fans come from around the globe to join these programs and share their love for their favorite club.

The camp’s training plan follows Real Madrid’s own way of doing things and is led by official Realmadrid Foundation coaches. Participants even receive complete Realmadrid Foundation Campus Experience gear to make them feel like their beloved football stars. Alongside football skills, participants also learn important values like teamwork, leadership, hard work, respect, and discipline—the spirit of “madridismo.”

The Realmadrid Foundation Campus Experience offers various programs to suit different goals: The Standard Programme is for those newer to football, giving them fun and stimulating training. The Intensive Programme is a bit tougher with more training hours. Then there’s the Specific Goalkeeper Programme for those focusing on goalie skills.

Camp details:

  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Ages and genders: Boys and girls between 9 and 17 years of age (depending on the programme)
  • Skill Level: For those starting out or at an intermediate level in football
  • Extra Learning in Football: Talks about football theory, tactics, and important values
  • Number of Students in Each Training Group: 20
  • Coaching Language: Spanish
  • Level of Difficulty: 2 out of 5 for the Standard Programme, 3 out of 5 for the Intensive Programme
  • Training Ground: Grass fields (both natural and artificial)
  • Extra Facilities for Training: Classrooms dedicated to football theory lessons
  • Quality Rating: Top-notch, rated 5 out of 5

The camps at Realmadrid Foundation Campus Experience welcome boys and girls aged 9 to 17, no matter their football skills. They offer different programs:

  • The Standard Programme is for beginners or intermediate players. It’s fun and educational, and the best part is training at Valdebebas, Realmadrid Foundation’s official place.
  • The Specific Goalkeeper Programme is for everyone, even if you’ve never played football. It’s also at Valdebebas.
  • The Intensive Programme is more challenging, with more training hours. It’s for those who already know football. Training happens at the European University of Madrid.

All the Realmadrid Foundation Campus Experience camps aim to teach a lot. Students spend hours practicing football and also get time for fun camp activities.

Coaches at the summer camps:

All the coaches at the summer camps hold certifications from the Realmadrid Foundation. To get certified, they learn about Real Madrid’s philosophy and how they do things, along with the core values of “madridismo” like teamwork, leadership, hard work, respect, and discipline. They also study teaching methods to pass on their knowledge to young players.

What stands out about the coaching team at the summer camps is their passion. They’re committed to motivating their students to always aim for getting better.

Camp facilities:

  • Stay in a campus residence with full-board accommodation
  • Rooms for two players, each with a private bathroom
  • Training takes place at Valdebebas, the campus for professional players
  • High-quality fields available: both grass and synthetic surfaces
  • Catering with self-service options, considering allergies and dietary preferences


This soccer camp happens in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

  • Residence: Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Sports Facilities: Located at Real Madrid’s facilities in Valdebebas within the city.

Safety Measures:

  • The residence is within a secure area accustomed to accommodating students throughout the year.
  • Campers will travel to the training center via bus, supervised by staff members who will ensure their safety round the clock, 24 hours a day.


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