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Emory University Scholars Program for International Students 2020/21

Emory University, founded in 1836 and located in Atlanta, is one of the leading research universities in the world, it’s known internationally for its outstanding art colleges, graduate and professional schools, also one of the world’s health care systems. Its main intention is to help improve global communities through individual actions and collective impact.

Emory University offers partial and full scholarships based on merit as part of its programs. Scholar programs aim to empower students with exceptional talent in an academic or creative area to become the best they can be and make a notable impact on their surroundings and community, through various resources and support.

How to apply:

To be considered for these scholar programs, you must choose one of the three admission decision plans:

  • Early Decision I: a binding program that allows you to learn of your admission decision early in your senior year.
  • Early Decision II: a binding program that allows you to learn of your admission decision by February 15.
  • Regular Decision: a traditional application plan that is nonbinding.

The difference between the early decision and regular decision is that early decision is for students who are sure of their decision and chose Emory University as their definitive first choice, but if the student doesn’t have a clear first option and want to take some time to make his/her decision it’s better to opt for regular decision.

Also while applying you need to answer “yes” the question that says “Do you wish to be considered for merit scholarships?”

Selection process:

The selection is administered by the Office of Admission in partnership with chosen faculty.

The selected candidates must attend an on-campus Scholars Finalists Visit that’s held in the spring (at no expense to the students).

The visit takes place for several days and includes activities and interviews designed to help students become acquainted with the university and the various opportunities it provides for them.

The scholarship duration:

The scholarship duration is 4 years, each year about 8,000-10,000 students apply, but only 175-200 students get selected as Scholar Finalist. The scholarships are renewable for a total of 4 academic years (eight semesters) for students who maintain an outstanding academic record and meet the semester and annual requirements of their program, more details will be provided upon acceptance.

Host Institutions:

Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Goizueta Business School at Emory University, and Oxford College students can apply Early Decision to Emory College, Oxford College, or both. If they are accepted to both Emory College and Oxford College Early Decision, they have until the deposit date to choose which campus they want to attend.

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